NOVAMINA Centar Inovativnih Tehnologija

Novamina Centre of Innovative Technologies

Novamina Innovative Technology Center is Croatian based Technology Research Development and Innovation organisation operating primarily in energy, processing technologies and products development for the industry. Focus of their work is on development of innovative, advanced and environmentally friendly technologies, accompanied with effective and sustainable implementation and final commercialization. Throughout the years they also supported emerging and growing SMEs to transform their technology innovative ideas into marketable products beyond the competitor’s reach. NOVAMINA possess a respectable technology development capacity in engineers and scientists in the mechanical, electrical and process technologies as well as other engineering fields. NOVAMINA is a partner and member of EU wide R&D networks and associations, and has collaborated with more than 300 EU and global partners from industry, public sector and academia.

EU FP7 and Horizon2020 projects

Partner and coordinator in more than 35 Horizon2020 and FP7 projects

National and regional RTDI projects

Coordinator and partner in number of national RTDI projects

Contract research partners

NOVAMINA participated in number of contract research and development projects with industrial partners

  • Zagrebačka cesta 145A, Zagreb, Croatia